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“I'm telling ya, you rock! My body feels so good today, and my wrist hurts much less. I think that was so much more effective a treatment than the PT for it! To that end, my wrist has not hurt since you worked on it. This is remarkable!! “ – Patricia 

"My therapy with Shannon, released a very tight, rigid scar that I have had since 1972.  It had restricted my shoulder movement and bicep muscle.  Through intense, focused massage and cupping, Shannon broke  up the scar tissue, improved my range of motion and reduced  the size and rigidity of the scar.  Shannon has such skill and knowledge concerning bodywork, as well as a wonderful way with her clients.  She is truly gifted." Cyndee

"Shannon is a true gift and a healer.  I have lived with chronic back pain for the past 18 years and Shannon knows just how to work with my injuries.  I've been to many massage therapists over the years and she is hands down the best."  Stephanie

"Thank you so much for ridding me of my pain. All the massages + your advice to do quad exercises have left me feeling amazing. I will forever be grateful!" L. Petersen
"I had breast cancer 25 years ago, a double mastectomy reconstruction with silicone implants, subsequent reconstruction replacing silicone with saline implants, and subsequent reconstruction replacement of the saline implants due to capsular contracture 10 years later. Unfortunately one of the implants got infected and a week-long hospital visit resulted in its removal. All hopes of having aesthetically appealing breasts were once again thwarted after that surgery last year to replace the infected implant, when to my horror, I discovered the infection had come back yet again in early 2010.
Shannon was highly recommended to me by Dr. Katie Griffin, my DNFT doctor in Santa Cruz, CA. Dr. Katie mentioned Shannon specialized in breast therapy massage and that she might be able to help me given my long history of breast surgeries and infectious complications. I decided to try Shannon, and the results have been miraculous. Not only did Shannon's work clear up that last breast infection, thus preventing surgery, the scar therapy technique she implemented also smoothed out the incision indentations. I'm now visiting Shannon about once a quarter on a maintenance schedule. I'm convinced this will help keep my implants from going into capsular contraction or getting infected again, primarily because Shannon's massage therapy prevents infectious agents from becoming harbored in the implant folds or scar tissue.
I'm grateful for Shannon's gentle, professional and caring therapy!" Lorraine

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