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I have a very special place in my heart for people who suffer from scoliosis, untreated or treated with Harrington Rods. Why? Because I experienced watching my sister go through the Harrington Rod operation, the subsequent brace she wore the year after and two pregnancies with the rods. My father was the other end of the spectrum of not having surgery and by the age of 60 had over 65 degrees of curvature in his spine. Witnessing his fight to stand straight and manage the pain through exercise and OTCs was an everyday battle. This is why I have a section on my website specially devoted to scoliosis. I offer no cure or quick fix, what I have to offer is knowledge and some possible ways to ease the pain and, depending on what type of scoliosis, some relief.

Did you know there are two classifications of scoliosis? Structural and functional scoliosis. "Spinal curves that improve during forward bending, side bending, and specific rotational movements are generally referred to as functional or secondary scoliotic curves. If the curve does not straighten during any of these maneuvers, it is considered a structural, fixed, or primary scoliosis." (Symptomatic Scoliosis:Straight Talk By Erik Dalton Originally published in Massage & Bodywork magazine, April/May 2006.) Functional scoliosis can come from injury, leg length imbalances or repetitive use/motion and with regular bodywork has the possibility of lessening. Structural scoliosis is considered a "fixed" type, caught early (during puberty or before) progression of the curvature can be slowed. One note there has been evidence that a woman who has structural scoliosis, after pregnancy and during breast feeding, the curvature can be reversed with treatment, somewhat due to the relaxin in the body.

This is not an offer "purchase 10 sessions and you will have a straight spine" snake oil sales pitch. What I offer is knowledge of scoliosis, research into scoliosis and treatments that can possibly help (functional and early structural) lessen curvature to helping with pain and discomfort from both classifications of scoliosis.

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