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  • Breast Massage
  • Scar Therapy
  • Facial Massage Cupping


‚ÄčInstrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation or IASTM‚Äč for short.  Using Rock Blade tools, and other Gua Sha style tools, we are able to detect areas in the muscle that have developed adhesions and/or chronic inflammation from acute or chronic injury.  IASTM can help aide in the break down of scar tissue, fascial tension to stimulate a faster recovery, is designed to reduce pain, increase mobility, and help prevent injury. 

Benefits of IASTM

  • Decreases overall time of treatment
  • Allows faster rehabilitation/recovery
  • Could help resolve chronic conditions thought to be permanent
  • Clients can continue to engage in everyday activities

Breast Massage

Breast health care is vitally important to women, yet most do not know how to find practitioners who will support their breast tissue health. Massage therapists can provide gentle and effective treatment of a number of the breast complaints that women have, including post-surgical and scar work, encapsulation, easing of discomforts of pregnancy, breastfeeding and implants, treatment of congestion and edema, and alleviation of many of the causes of breast pain. Massage therapists can also play a role in supporting our clients' regular breast monitoring practices. - Debra CurtiesAuthor of Breast Massage

 Some of the dysfunctions/conditions we see are listed below:

  • Mastitis
  • Encapsulated breast implants
  • Scar therapy for the breast (including post surgery)
  • Fibrocystic breast
  • Mammary duct ectasia

Why Breast Massage? Article

Article in the Examiner

"There is some controversy as to whether breast massage could possibly free cancer cells, and then spread them more easily. Although this may be true, eating, taking hot showers/baths, breastfeed-ing, exercising, and being sexually active contain similar risk factors."

"A healthy breast massage will help maintain optimal functioning of the mammary glands and the breast tissue. It will clear any congested area. Pathogens in the cells will be dispersed and eliminated before they can lead to blockage. Again, it is stagnation, con-gestion, contraction, and crystallization that invite disease."

The Healthy Breast Guide, ©2008 Katharina Wehrli; Earthlit Press, Wayland, MA 01778. 
Well Being Journal VOL. 17, NO. 6, PG. 24-25


Scar Therapy

Scar therapy is comprised of an approximate 8 to 10 week program with at least one  30- minute treatment a week. There are two different approaches to ease scar tissue. The first technique is lymph drainage. The second is deep tissue and; to lay down the tissue with the natural crease lines of skin and tissue. To receive the most from scar therapy I combine both with additional Myofascial Release work. The goal of the treatments is to work on the tissue as it is regenerating. As the new tissue grows, it does so in a more even fashion. This new even tissue will lessen the appearance of the scar. The deeper tissue adhesions will lessen, allowing lymph to flow and nerves to be uncompressed, lessening contracture and ultimately allowing more motion and less pain.

Scar therapy can help almost any scar. From post surgery to a 37 year old scar, this therapy softens the scar helping alleviate pain and adding more motion in the body. It can even work for burn scars. Please feel free to contact me to discuss treatment option and to even speak with clients who have gone through the treatment series.

The Importance of Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Article from Santa Cruz Sentinel


Facial Massage Cupping  

This painless, non-surgical method rejuvenates the face by diminishing lines, wrinkles and bags under the eyes with facial cupping. The benefits include increased local circulation of the skin, increased collagen production, increased nutrients brought to the epidermis, The drainage of stagnant fluids from reservoir areas will reduce edema and chronic puffiness.

To receive the full benefit of a "Facial Rejuvenation" a series of ten consecutive, weekly treatments is best. Follow-up treatments can be less or more depending on the individual needs and desired outcome.  This treatment is great as a follow up from cosmetic surgery, speeding the recovery time and helping reduce inflammation.

Sinus infections and inflammation are also directly relieved by the loosening and draining effects of the cups - many times resolving issues that many sufferers commonly turned to more radical procedures to correct.






This was a wonderful experience.  The only area that was starting to show my age was around my eyes and Shannon clearly took a few years off.  Not only that but it was like getting a massage at the same time.  Relaxing and beneficial, can't beat that! - Stephanie

Note: Face cupping does not leave cup kisses (marks) on the face.

If you have any questions regarding the above treatments please call Shannon at 831.239.2434

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