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Bring the power of CBD to enhance any massage!

We worked for months to find the best CBD products. You’ll be over the moon with this revolutionary CBD massage enhancement. If you’re looking for pain relief and relaxation, this is a powerful upgrade for the ultimate massage!

  • CBD full massage enhancement        $15
  • CBD spot treatment                            $10

Treatment options include two extremely effective CBD products. CBD Clinic Massage Oil Level 3 will strategically spot treat your problem area with potent CBD product. CBD Care Garden Body Therapeutics CBD Massage Oil is blended with hemp oil and organic herbs to make this massage oil perfect for a therapeutic massage session. soothing and aromatic pain relieving herbs for your entire massage. These two products can work together to treat everything from chronic pain to sprains, strains and even arthritis. In addition, we carry take home products for purchase for at home treatment.

"Through the process of aging, the systems in your body begin to break down," says Vanessa Marquez, CEO and founder of CBD Care Garden, a Denver-based company that produces CBD-infused skin-care products used in spas around the country. "Because of that, you may have an increase in inflammation and an imbalance of your endocannabinoid system, which is how the body receives CBD." 


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